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Top Singapore News, Singapore’s fastest news app provides breaking news alerts from trusted daily national and international newspapers in English languages.

Top Singapore News app brings all the headlines of major newspapers in the palm of your hand.If you want to stay up to date with what happens in your country and use as little time as possible, then this app is what you need!

It is a News Aggregator App but unlike other feature rich news readers, it will bring you directly to the news without wasting any time messing around with the user interface or news loading. Stay informed with breaking news alerts.

Top Singapore News offers fast, simple and clean reading experience to avid news readers in Singapore and abroad.

Stay up to date with everything that matters in the Singapore. It is the best app for the daily reader.

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  • Very fast, intuitive and lightweight newsreader
  • Immediate & simple to use
  • Optimized for low bandwidth usage
  • Share the news with friends through mail, social networks, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or any other app you have installed
  • Swipe Left – Right to quickly read news articles like reading a magazine
  • Bookmark articles to read later
  • Get fastest breaking news push notification alerts
  • Customize your app theme color
  • The best for the daily reader


- Strait Times
- Cahnnel News Asia
- Asia One
- The New Paper
- The Independent
- Telegraph

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